About us

SOMATO Association was founded on 18 February 1999 with a status of Non-Governamental Organization.

Organization is working in mental health area and promote a tolerant attitude towards people with mental health problems, as well psychological and social rehabilitation of these people.

Slogan: Equity. Harmony. Balance

SOMATO Association runs the following priority programs / services / activities:

• mental health services and policies;

• protection of human rights of people with mental health problems;

• raising awareness and inform the society regarding mental health.

Programs developed by the SOMATO Association

Mental health services and policies. Association actively advocates the transfer of emphasis from hospital to the community Pole related to mental health services. Actively contribute in creating community mental health services and implementing the latest factual methodologies in the field. In this regard were created several Community Mental Health Centres. "Community Mental Health Center" in Balti. In 2004, the institution acquired the status of a public medico-social institute of the State, and became a model of services included in the reform in mental health area in Moldova; "Community Mental Health Center" in Ungheni began operating in June 2007 and turned into a subdivision of Ungheni District Hospital with funding from the State Health Insurance Company.

Since February 2007 a project which aims to create additional services that include psychosocial rehabilitation of mentally ill – ergotherapy and occupationa therapy is implented in two psychiatric hospitals in Balti and Orhei and three community centers in Chisinau, Balti, Ungheni.

Association performs various qualitative and quantitative studies and evaluations in the field of mental health services. These relate to quality of service; access to health services for people with mental health problems; the level of stigma in the community towards people with mental health problems; State and non-governmental organizations providing services for people with mental health problems.

SOMATO Association representatives are included in the working groups of the Ministry of Health and other ministries interested in developemnt of policies in mental health area; ”passport” development of districts regarding psychiatric assistance; development of regulations and funding mechanisms for new services included in the mental health system in Moldova.

Protecting the human rights of people with mental health problems. Association calls for more equity and equal access of all people with mental health problems, is implementing various projects to familiarize people and the community on fundamental documents related to human rights, and in particular the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Raising awareness and inform the society regarding mental health. The activities are carried out through various advocacy tools: round tables, debates, workshops with different professionals and beneficiaries, TV and radio programs, developing promotional materials, carrying out surveys focused on mental health.

The association promotes various training activities in the field of mental health, psychosocial rehabilitation, advocacy, human rights, community mental health services etc. It published several books, including guide "How to organize an antistigma campaign"; four pocket books "Care in mental illness"; "Stigma and mental health"; "Prevention of mental illness"; "Legal aspects related to mental health"; "Atlas of mental health services in Moldova"; a series of thematic newsletters and so on.