The rights of persons with disabilities promoted in MHC

The rights of persons with disabilities promoted in MHC

SOMATO Association began conducting a series of trainings for the beneficiaries, their relatives and workers of Mental Health Centers. The first two workshops were also organized at the Mental Health Center in Soroca (21 December), and the Mental Health Center in Cimislia (December 22). Trainings have focused on: the UN Convention (ratified by RM in 2010) on the rights of persons with disabilities; Stigma and discrimination in mental health. One of the trainers was Cornelia Adeola, expert of the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. Participants in the training were informed about the rights they have and how the UN Convention stipulations can be applied in everyday life, where and to whom they can address in cases of rights violations.
Ruslan, a beneficiary of the Cimislia Center, said that such trainings are very useful, since people with mental health problems are often neglected and have not enough information about how to protect their rights.
Two similar seminars will be organized for beneficiaries of Mental Health Centers from Cahul and Orhei. Also , four trainings will be organized by SOMATO for professionals in mental health centers in Soroca, Cimislia, Orhei and Cahul.
It is noteworthy that SOMATO conduct as many as four thematical meetings for "peer support" in those four mental health centers mentioned above, every month.
The activities are part of the project “Capacity building of groups of persons with psycho-social and intellectual disabilities for better participation to decision making and effective inclusion in society”.
The program developed by the Somato Association from Balti, between September 2015 and August 2016 is funded by the Embassy of Finland in Bucharest.

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december 24, 2015