Mental Health tree created

Mental Health tree created

On the occasion of the International Mental Health Day, which is celebrated on October 10, about 30 beneficiaries of mental health services from Day Center for children and teenagers with severe mixed disabilities “Danko” from Balti, their parents and relatives created Mental Health Tree. “We proposed the participants to draw branches of Mental Health Tree with the recommendations to focus on healthy lifestyle, with less stresses and discouraging situations, said psychiatrist Irina Jdanov, deputy director of the Center “Danko”.
“By means of this activity we aimed to deepen knowledge of the beneficiaries and their families with regards to mental health and also to establish more efficient communication between beneficiaries, parents/relatives and institution providing services”, said Irina Jdanov.

The activities to celebrate International Mental Health Day were organized in Center “Danko” by Association SOMATO from Balti. Besides the fact that children created by their own forces and with help of the dear people Mental Health Tree, they also made congratulation cards for their parents and wished them health and peace of mind.

Center “Danko” was opened in Balti on October 6, 2009 and offers services to children and teenagers with severe mixed disabilities. Association SOMATO from Balti works since 1999 and is one of the first NGOs from Moldova working in mental health.

The international mental health Day is celebrated annually on October 10, since 1992. The subject of this year’s International Mental Health Day is: “Depression: a global crisis”.

According to statistics, in Balti there are over 3000 people with mental illness, of which over 400 are children and adolescents.

In Republic of Moldova there are over 100 000 people with mental illness, of which about 20% are children.

october 10, 2012